Charles Washington Hall

Built 1780 - Charles Town, WV

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Restoring original work with integrity...

Charles Washington Hall in Charles Town, WV was built in 1780.  Over the years, additions had been built onto the front for various businesses. The City of Charles Town decided to restore the building, so they tore the additions off of the front and removed the masonry that had deteriorated over the years. 

Preserving the past, building a future.

Using pictures of the building as it was in the 1700’s as a guide, Ralph E. Tolbert Masonry rebuilt the masonry, repointed and restored chimneys, window arches and the deteriorating foundation walls back to its original status. Once again, local constituents and travelers passing by can enjoy the celebrated American landmark.

With highly skilled team members, we are able to accomplish the most minute details without compromising durability and longevity.


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