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Biglerville, PA

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Restoring original work with integrity...

Growers Equipment in Biglerville, PA had a wall that had pulled away from the main barn beams.  Ralph E. Tolbert Masonry was hired to prop the floors and roof, tear down the terra cotta block and rebuild the wall with 10” cmu. We identify the areas of structural damage and potential danger with a goal to replicate the original plans in an effort to maintain the same facade appeal, while remaining compliant to the highest standards of code.

Preserving the past, building a future.

With an emphasis on erecting safe, timely and affordable structures, we meet with you and your team to go over your individual process to ensure codes, consistency and personal criteria are met. After rebuilding the wall, we also primed and painted the new masonry. The completed project allows the company to operate safely in its restored state – a beautiful barn full of purpose.

With highly skilled team members, we are able to accomplish the most minute details without compromising durability and longevity.


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