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John Stewart Memorial Library

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Restoring original work with integrity...

John Stewart Memorial Library at Wilson College was built in 1923. From exposure to weather and other elements, the original cast stone of 92 years on the top of the building began to deteriorate. Ralph E. Tolbert Masonry was hired to remove the cast stone caps and turrets on the gables and reinstall new cast stone.

Preserving the past, building a future.

Our business is to identify the areas of structural damage and potential danger with a goal to replicate the original plans in an effort to maintain the same facade appeal, while remaining compliant to the highest standards of code. In addition, we patched cracks and chips in the cast stone window frames and peeled all loose concrete off of the front entrance cast stone and restored to original with Portland cement and finish coat. Now guests and students can enjoy the historical integrity as well as new, state- of-the-art amenities.

With highly skilled team members, we are able to accomplish the most minute details without compromising durability and longevity.


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